Damascus Tracker Knife

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It is a multi-purpose tool designed to ensure survival. Our exquisite craftsmanship makes it a product well suited for those who need to use it for several purposes. Each part of this knife is made to serve a separate function easily. In order to meet the needs of the customer, our team pays special attention to manufacturing this product.

The Damascus tracker knife design

The tracker knife can easily chop with the help of its chopping blade. There is a carving blade, saw blade and a bit of pounding area in the blade of this knife. It can help you cut wood, and skin of animals. Also, it can be used as a spear as it is a versatile knife serving many purposes at the same time.

Using this product

This knife is a serious survival tool due to diverse purposes it serves. The design of the blade shows that there are multiple uses of this single knife. It can be dangerous if not handled properly so it is advised to follow the safety precautions when using it. We put out utmost effort in manufacturing this product as the blade needs a lot of artistic work to serve all purposes.

Let’s have a look at the features of this product in detail according to the different blades it has:

Chopping Blade

The knife is designed to work as an axe, the way wood is cut with an axe, you can use it to do the same. Chopping chores can be easily managed with this knife. The forward section of the blade provides powerful chopping tool to chop effectively as an axe.

The chopping part of the blade can also be used for scraping. If you want to scrape an animal hide, this knife is one handy product for you.

Carving Blade

For accomplishing the carving tasks, use the carving part of the blade. You can use this part for splitting firewood when you are camping. Pounding techniques can be used to split the wood for example. The carving part of the blade also helps you remove the wood in much less time.

Saw Blade

With the help of this part of the blade, you can cut a variety of materials easily without clogging. Even the metal of a car door can be cut with the help of this part of the knife blade. Also, it is handy when you are dealing with wood. Saw blade can cut through small branches of tress smoothly. 

Quarter Rounder

This part of the blade helps in accomplishing many cutting tasks. For making holes in a surface, carving the wooden bow, and removing the animal hide are some chores that this part can help you with.


The point is strong and acts as thrusting material for the user. It is exceptionally tough that it can cut through metallic surfaces as well. It can also be used as a drill to make holes.

Summing Up

As a companion in the woods, it can help you survive. The combination of all the metals is done in such a way that it provides tensile strength to the blade. Damascus Tracker Knife possesses the quality of serving various purposes which makes it the best choice for the users. If you want to purchase this product to enhance your survival capabilities, feel free to contact us because we manufacture this product and make sure it meets the demands of the customers.